BGMC Inc. Celebrate Findings of Entrepreneurial Dreams Among Millennials

20 September 2017
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After a recent study found half of American millennials dream of being their own boss BGMC Inc. held a workshop outlining what this means for the business world and how the sales and marketing sector can assist in accomplishing entrepreneurial aspirations.

America’s Small Business Development Center, also known as the SBDC, conducted a survey in which with half of all millennial participants revealed their dreams of starting their own business. The leading researchers involved in the study suggested millennials are wary of “working for the man” having grown up during the recession and perhaps baring witness to parents and other family members struggling to keep a job.

While the reasoning behind these entrepreneurial ambitions can only be speculated, BGMC Inc. are confident the results of this survey spell good news for the growth of the sales and marketing industry and the company too.

The research delved into some of the road blocks millennials face on their journey to entrepreneurship. The study confirmed the main roadblock for talented modern day workers was a lack of knowledge and reputable business acumen. CEO of BGMC Inc., Tara Arbok, responded to these findings; “The sales and marketing industry is the perfect fit for those looking to build their own business. The mentorship structure found within the industry provides young professionals with the experience and skills needed to take that first step into entrepreneurship”

She elaborated on this by outlining how BGMC Inc.’s business development programme offers millennials from all walks of life the opportunity to create their own business through education. Through mentorship, group training and industry events the New York firm provide their contractors with constant education and networking opportunities around the country and beyond.

The company are committed to breaking the stereotype that “millennials are lazy” and firmly state in their core values how they believe millennials can provide new, creative and fresh thinking to the entire industry. They are advocates of professional development and hope to provide each member of their workforce with the freedom and training required for aspiring business owners to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams.


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Branded Group Marketing Concepts are an international outsourced marketing firm that guarantees long lasting customer acquisitions with substantial quarterly growth. They specialise in providing the highest standard of customer service through implementation of highly effective customer related methods. They take pride in investing in a confident office of young professionals ensuring high standards in training and rapid career progression.

Source: http://www.wwl.com/articles/study-finds-half-all-millennials-want-be-their-own-boss

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