BGMC Rejoice as Marketers Switch their Focus to Consumer Experience

4 July 2017
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Branded Group Marketing Concepts (BGMC) are celebrating this week, after learning of a new survey which outlined that marketers are now turning their attention and investing in the consumer experience.  

BGMC are outsourcing specialists, offering brands a unique opportunity to expand their market reach without any commitments to increasing overheads.  By drafting in the firms, expertise businesses large and small can develop and execute compelling campaigns that will not only boost brand awareness but will also increase customer experience as BGMC form a seamless approach to strengthening new and existing customer relationships.  A recent study from Salesforce Today has provided support for the firm’s services as they highlight the importance of customer experience to the modern consumer.

The recent survey of 3,500 businesses, saw Salesforce today complete and release its fourth annual state of marketing report.  The report refers heavily to the importance of customer experience.  With customer service forming the fundamental foundations of action plans for the year for nearly two-thirds of respondents.  BGMC is pleased to see brands are finally laying focus on areas which can strengthen customer relationships and encourage positive connections with new and existing customers. Key conclusions from the Salesforce research include:

  • 64% of marketing leaders have magnified their approaches centring around consistent service throughout the last 18 months.  This highlights a shift in marketplace expectations.
  • More than half of businesses buyers (65%) say they will switch vendors if a personalised customer experience initiative is not available.
  • The majority has spoken, a whopping 89% of business buyers demand companies investigate and accommodate their needs and expectations.

Branded Group Marketing Concepts is an international outsourced marketing firm that guarantees long-lasting customer acquisitions with substantial quarterly growth. The company has built their brand centred around specializing in providing the highest standard of customer service through implementation of very efficient customer-centred methods. The firm takes great pride in investing in their office of young professionals ensuring the highest level of training and preparation to guarantee the highest quality of professionalism as well as rapid career progression.

The publicised survey will be a fantastic opportunity for BGMC to gain leverage when attracting new clients and to showcase the impact their low risk, maximum impact campaigns can offer the modern changing consumer.  The firm’s personalised strategies are designed to improve and maximise new customer retention and promote critical consumer engagement.


Source:  http://www.adweek.com/digital/new-stats-from-salesforce-show-how-marketing-execs-are-laser-focused-on-customer-experience/

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