BGMC set to embark on a thrill seeking trip to Six Flags

22 August 2017
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Last week, the New York-based sales and marketing firm BGMC announced the details of their forthcoming trip to Six Flags, Canada, where they plan to put their thrill seeking qualities to the test.

BGMC will be taking their team members on an adventurous trip to the entertainment resort, Six Flags in Canada. Six Flags is the largest amusement park in the world, based in the United States with properties in the US, Canada and Mexico. Six Flags is synonymous with extreme rides and thrills. With things to do catering to families, kids and just everyone else from events, shows and a dining experience that has something for everyone’s tastes, the team is keen to try everything that there is at the park. La Ronde, Six Flags based in Montréal, is home to popular rides such as the hyper coaster, Goliath offering a VR experience and suspended coaster, Vampire. Home to a number of extreme thrill rides and always keen to bring it one stage further, new to 2017, the team will be able to experience the massive new ride, Titan. The giant new ride will propel riders up to a terrifying 45 meters, while travelling at speeds of up to 112 km/hr in the air, swinging atop of a giant swaying pendulum.

The trip coincides with the substantially high level of success that has been experienced by the company over the last few months. BGMC believes that it is vital to reward the hard work of their team members on a regular basis. The first company trip in awhile, the representatives are excited to go Six Flags and savour the fruits of their consistent, hard work. 

“It is often understated but, a fun company culture is a real priority in today’s business age. If the culture is right and you make sure that the staff love a company, then everything naturally slides into place, like building strong lasting relationships with clients and customers or company reputation,” said Managing Director of BGMC.

Branded Group Marketing Concepts is an international outsourced marketing firm that specialises in direct marketing, tailored to each consumer to build and provide a long-lasting customer base. The firm has built their reputation up around specializing in providing a high standard of customer service through implementation of efficient customer-centred methods. BGMC pride themselves in investing in their office of young professionals ensuring the highest standards of training and preparation will guarantee both high-quality professionalism and rapid career progression. BGMC has acquired several high-profile clients recently and delivered results that exceed the expectations of many of their clients.

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