At Branded Group Marketing Concepts our focus is on being the best at what we do by adapting to each individual clients’ needs and tailoring the service we can provide them to ensure unbeatable results.

When you need marketing to take you places then you need Branded Group Marketing Concepts. Brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes outsource their marketing and sales to us.

In recent months Branded Group Marketing Concepts has built a strong reputation within the New York community and surrounding areas. The marketing systems and strategies that we have formulated for our clients has worked effectively in:

    • Increasing their market share
    • Growing their business
    • Increasing the amount of contact they have with their potential target base
    • Customer service
    • Increasing customer loyalty
    • Maximizing geo-targeting in the New York area
    • Growing our clients customer base nationally

The start of a client relationship with Branded Group Marketing Concepts

Part of our services before we begin a campaign is to run a pilot testing programme for our clients. In order for our sales strategies to work and for us to tailor our service to our clients, there are always some adjustments that need to be made on both ends. On our end we will most definitely have to change our pitch, customer consolidation procedures  territory management and administrative processes. On our clients end some product/service adjustments may need to be made to make the brand more accessible to be sold face-to-face.

Why We Do It So Well

Direct sales and marketing is starting to become the way forward for many companies. Branded Group Marketing Concepts thinks there are several reasons why…

Branded Group Marketing Concepts

Branded Group Marketing Concepts is making waves within the customer acquisitions field. As a new start up we pride ourselves on delivering not just short term customers but quality long term customers.