BGMC’s rapid expansion sees them open Miami office

26 October 2017
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The New York City startup is fast on the track to become one of the most recognizable sales and marketing companies in the nation as this month sees its expansion head into Miami. A considerable addition of high profile clients sees the firm expand at an astounding rate, having launched a short 18 months ago.

The firm is determined to succeed in Florida’s southeast and has listed a trio of targets it plans to keep closely aligned with its mission statement during the exciting expansion to avoid falling into common pitfalls many businesses experience during expansion.

Flexibility: A willingness to adapt to a new city, a point particularly applicable to the ever-changing sales and marketing industry, the firm are determined to continue with innovative campaigns to keep contributing to its success. The company state that this new office will only expand the number of clients it can take on, with a recruitment drive of new and innovative young professionals set to join the company in Miami.

Maintain the company mission statement: “To provide the highest quality of customer acquisition for our high-profile clients while dedicating our efforts and investing our resources into creating tomorrows trail-blazers.” The firm intends to keep its clients at the forefront of all ventures within BGMC, and not lose sight of their company ethos during the move.

Communication: BGMC is keen to keep the discussion open during the move between the workforces, both in the New York and Miami offices. The firm understands that communication is the key to success and that the company must run together as cohesively as possible during this exciting progression

BGMC has further plans for progression in the future, with hopes of expanding to untapped markets in the USA, Europe and further globally to become one of the leading names in the sales and marketing sector.


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233508

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