Branded Group Marketing Concepts Announces Attendance at Premier Industry Awards Event, and Why Recognition Matters

23 June 2016
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Acknowledgement of success should never be the goal, but rather, it should be a symptom of achieving goals. Marketing firms and brands across all industries understand the importance of both, but many confuse the two as being one and the same. Brands who strive for excellence will naturally be observed and recognised, but brands who believe recognition is a goal in and of itself tend to underperform.


Branded Group Marketing Concepts announced recently that it will be attending a premier industry awards event in New York, and also explained why recognition is indicative of successful tactics rather than success itself.


More than 500 young entrepreneurs and industry leaders will converge in the Big Apple for an important industry awards event and conference. During the day, individuals from tons of companies will network and learn from each other, followed by an entertaining awards event and after-party in the evening. Branded Group Marketing Concept’s Managing Director, Brittany Goodman will be attending this success-driven extravaganza.


When asked about the importance of success, Brittany Goodman flatly stated, “Success is a pragmatic, tangible achievement – the types of achievements that occur when nobody’s doing anything but working solely for the benefit of clients and brand”. She touted this industry awards event as a prime example of what success entails. “These awards are given to those who truly embody success, and those who have earned it. The recognition they receive is an after-thought in their eyes, because the real prize has already been won”.


Recognition often is seen as a goal in the marketing industry because of how important of a role it plays in the day-to-day functions of marketing. Reaching audiences and persuading them with a message is something that Branded Group Marketing Concepts and countless other firms excel in every day, and their clients expect these results. When it comes to the long-term success of the brand, however, recognition works differently.


“Networking with other individuals within the industry is how you achieve recognition”, Brittany Goodman commented. “Legitimate, productive recognition in order to accomplish your long-term goals is valid and needed, and I know a lot of that will be occurring in New York”. What the Managing Director of Branded Group Marketing Concepts and other successful marketing leaders caution against in regards to recognition is the mere pursuit of it as a metric of success. Entities that seek tangible success will be recognised; entities that seek recognition as an equivalent of success will inevitably falter.

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