Why BGMC think it’s important to lead by example

21 August 2017
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In order to fulfil their mission to provide unrivalled customer service, the sales and marketing firm BGMC believes that it is important to set the right precedence in order to cultivate a successful culture. 

Last week, the firm held a seminar for their contractors, where they emphasised the importance of leading by example and shared a popular leadership tale, which involved Mahatma Gandhi and a boy who ate too much sugar.

BGMC recounted the following story to their contractors;

According to the story, a mother and son travelled to visit Gandhi after the mother needed his help to persuade her sugar addicted son to stop the unhealthy habit.

When they both approached Gandhi, the mother pleaded with him to tell the boy that he must give up the habit at once if he wants to live a long and healthy life. However, Gandhi refused and insisted that the both of them return in two weeks.

Although the mother was initially disappointed by Gandhi’s initial refusal of her request, she came back with her son two weeks later as he had asked. It was then that Gandhi told the child that he must stop eating so much sugar and should aim to cut back on his sweet intake.

The mother then took Gandhi aside and asked him why he has waited so long only to do exactly what she had requested two weeks prior. It was then that Gandhi explained to her that two weeks ago, he himself was consuming high amounts of sugar and that he wouldn’t have found it acceptable to tell the boy to stop eating sugar when he was also battling with the same affliction.

BGMC believe that this story perfectly illustrates the concept of leading by example. The firm explained that it is the duty of successful entrepreneurs in the sales and marketing industry to act as role models for the next generation of young professionals in order to set a good example and outline the basics of good industry practice.

Inspired by the story of Gandhi, BGMC went on to investigate what it really means to lead by example and outlined some of the key things professionals can do in order to ensure they are acting as respectable role models.

Be engaging and aim to empower others – BGMC regularly teaches their young professionals the importance of developing good leadership skills. For the firm, this means engaging all members of their workforce and empowering them to go on and become successful business owners.

Maintain a flexible approach and always be open to change – For BGMC, leading by example means taking a flexible approach to all situations and being adaptable to new ideas in order to push innovation within the business.

Stay focused and maintain a healthy attitude – BGMC encourage all of the contractors to remain focused when looking to achieve their goals and also maintain a positive attitude that influences others to also perform at their best.

Always have a good work ethic – BGMC believes that a good work ethic is one of the most important gateways to success. As a result, they always look to recruit ambitious and hardworking individuals who are aligned with the firm’s missions and values.

Discussing the importance of leading by example in business, a spokesperson for BGMC said “Some of the world’s greatest leaders have all had the ability to set a good example and use their power of influence to inspire positive change. We think it’s important for budding entrepreneurs to understand why it is important to set a good example, especially if they want to become successful business owners.”


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